Exterior Grade Fire Sealant

Bostik Fireban One is a one component fire rated polyurethane sealant.


Fireban one is a fire rated, single component, low modulus polyurethane sealant curing via air humidity to form a elastomeric weatherproof fire rated seal.


  • Sealing joints in expansion and construction joints in precast.
  • Sealing joints in insitu concrete, block and brick work.
  • Penetration and core hole sealing in conjunction with fire collars or pillows or in areas requiring intumescent sealing
  • Sealing joints that require acoustic rating performance


  • High durability
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Can be over painted
  • Non staining
  • 50% total joint movement minimum
  • Australian made
  • Excellent acoustic ratings
  • Fire rated up to 4 hours

Comparison with traditional systems:

CharacteristicsTraditional SystemsGeoplast Reusable Formwork
Hindrance-Modular system
ResistanceLimitedUp to 60 kN/m2
Concrete adherenceRequires dismantling agentsBeing made of plastics, GEOTUB PANEL does not stick to concrete
Protection10%The best protection for the columns until the end of the operations
PlumbingRequires long operations and it is often inaccurateQuick and accurate thanks to the external structure that allows easy shoring and plumbing
Dismantling agentsRequiredNot required. Everitt Site Supplies recommend 'Kleen Kote' protection and release formula to maintain your forms in top condition.