BASF MasterFlow 810

Non-shrink, Precision Cementitious Grout

MasterFlow 810 is a ready to use, non-shrink, natural aggregate cementitious precision grout for use in general civil engineering works. MasterFlow 810 provides extended working life and high early and ultimate strengths.


All precision, non-shrink grouting applications with clearances of 10mm or more including:

  • Critical equipment baseplates, soleplates and columns.
  • Precast wall panels, beams, columns, structural building members and curtain walls.
  • Patching poured in place concrete structures eg. honeycombing, using preplaced aggregate techniques.
  • Underpinning.
  • Anchoring dowels, bolts and other fixings.
  • Applications requiring high early compressive strengths and high ultimate compressive strengths.


  • High strength - Provides good early and ultimate strengths which ensure quick return to service and long term durability
  • Non shrink - Hardens free of bleeding, settlement and drying shrinkage when placed at flowable consistency
  • Flowable consistency -Ensures complete filling of even intricate voids often without the need for pumping and strapping
  • Ample working time -Remains placeable up to 1 hour, even at high ambient temperatures
  • Dense, impermeable grout - Provides a good watertight seal
  • Economical - Greater volumes of grout can be mixed and handled with less labour.
  • Easy to use - Requires no special mixing equipment, it can be mixed in a standard concrete mixer or in a pail using a grout stirrer.
  • No added chloride - Does not add to chloride load on structure
  • Strict quality control - Ensures reliable and consistent product performance.
  • Provides complete non shrink performance - when tested in accordance with simulated Bedplate Technique.
  • Compliance with codes - Meets the non-shrink requirements of ASTM C1090 and CRD-C 621, Corps of Engineers Specification for Non Shrink Grout; tested to the requirements of AS1478.2 "Methods of sampling and testing admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout".

Comparison with traditional systems:

CharacteristicsTraditional SystemsGeoplast Reusable Formwork
Hindrance-Modular system
ResistanceLimitedUp to 60 kN/m2
Concrete adherenceRequires dismantling agentsBeing made of plastics, GEOTUB PANEL does not stick to concrete
Protection10%The best protection for the columns until the end of the operations
PlumbingRequires long operations and it is often inaccurateQuick and accurate thanks to the external structure that allows easy shoring and plumbing
Dismantling agentsRequiredNot required. Everitt Site Supplies recommend 'Kleen Kote' protection and release formula to maintain your forms in top condition.