Grid System for drivable areas

RUNFLOOR is the alternative to traditional grids. It is a flexible system for the creation of high resistence green drivable areas.

RUNFLOOR is the solution for the creation of grass and gravel permeable and high resistance car parks. Thanks to its reinforced structure, RUNFLOOR is very resistant to the typical stress produced by vehicles in motion, such as brakings and steers, also in case of heavy trucks, and provides durability to the parking.

The particular shape of the cells and the thickness of the ribbings produce a higher load-bearing capacity compared to traditional systems.

Thanks to the elasticity of the material, items in Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) have better performance even at low temperatures.

The Advantages of Using RUNFLOOR:

  • Elastic
  • Drivable
  • Durable
  • Cost efficient
  • Total lawn protection
  • High load resistance
  • Antislip, ecological and chemically inert

Sizes available: 408mm square, 580mm square.

Comparison with traditional systems:

CharacteristicsTraditional SystemsGeoplast Reusable Formwork
Hindrance-Modular system
ResistanceLimitedUp to 60 kN/m2
Concrete adherenceRequires dismantling agentsBeing made of plastics, GEOTUB PANEL does not stick to concrete
Protection10%The best protection for the columns until the end of the operations
PlumbingRequires long operations and it is often inaccurateQuick and accurate thanks to the external structure that allows easy shoring and plumbing
Dismantling agentsRequiredNot required. Everitt Site Supplies recommend 'Kleen Kote' protection and release formula to maintain your forms in top condition.