Ezi-action Drumpumps are the best hand drum pump in the world. They are the most dependable manual dispensing system for bulk containers.

The Ezi-action Drumpump has been designed with user safety in mind. They make a workplace safer and more efficient.

Ezi-action Drum Pumps are Easy to Use:

  • Two fingers on the ergonomically designed ball handle is all the energy required for hand pumping and fluid transfer.
  • Pumps viscous fluids up to 8,800 cps including oils, lubricants, molasses, and moisturisers.
  • Easy performance throughout the lifetime of this totally plastic pump.

Ezi-action Drum Pumps are Reliable and Economical:

  • Revolutionary, patented double action pumping principle.
  • No critical wearing parts to wear or break.
  • Fast, continuous flow. high volume, low pressure.
  • Reaches to the base of drum or container and empties all the contents.
  • Prevents waste with swivel spout and no leaking.
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand and USA.

Ezi-action Drum Pumps are Fully Serviceable:

  • Only fully serviceable hand pump in the world.
  • Provides years of reliable dispensing.

Ezi-action Drum Pumps are Customisable:

  • Can be fitted with a coloured safety strap.
  • Avoid chemical mix-ups.
  • Differentiate to acid or alkali chemicals.

Ezi-action Drum Pumps have:

  • Excellent Chemical Compatibility and are Food Safe.
  • Effective Safety Features.
  • Controllable Siphon Action.

Comparison with traditional systems:

CharacteristicsTraditional SystemsGeoplast Reusable Formwork
Hindrance-Modular system
ResistanceLimitedUp to 60 kN/m2
Concrete adherenceRequires dismantling agentsBeing made of plastics, GEOTUB PANEL does not stick to concrete
Protection10%The best protection for the columns until the end of the operations
PlumbingRequires long operations and it is often inaccurateQuick and accurate thanks to the external structure that allows easy shoring and plumbing
Dismantling agentsRequiredNot required. Everitt Site Supplies recommend 'Kleen Kote' protection and release formula to maintain your forms in top condition.