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MODULO Formwork for Ventilated Foundations

MODULO Formwork
MODULO was designed with a structure that is resistant and distributes stress all over the surface so that it is treadable even before pouring, thus offering a good load-bearing capacity. MODULO makes natural or forced ventilation possible under the whole surface, allowing the dispersion of RADON GAS: a real air conditioning system.

The structure of MODULO was designed so that stresses are distributed over the whole surface, making it very resistent and offers a good load-bearing capacity, meaning that it's treadable even before pouring the concrete slab.

MODULO is made of a blend of non-toxic, recycled plastic materials: it is highly resistant and it remains unaltered over time.


  • Stops moisture from the ground and allows ventilation of the foundation in all directions
  • Treadable before pouring
  • The design of the upper surface of MODULO allows a low concrete consumption
  • The good ventilation of the foundation disperses RADON gas (when present) into the atmosphere
  • Maintenance and modification of wiring and plumbing under the slab is made easy and inexpensive
  • Inhibiting naturally occurring convection, it helps thermal insulation
  • The air within the sub-slab void can be conditioned to increase its thermal efficiency (useful for greenhouses, industrial freezers, dessicators, and so on...)
  • Possibiliy of collecting percolating liquids


  • Labour time reduced by 80%
  • Can be layed onto partially prepared surfaces or waterproofing sheets
  • Thanks to its light weight and the special blocking system it is easy and safe to use.
  • Thanks to the GEOBLOCK and Fermagetto accessories it is possible to pour the foundation beams and the slab at the same time, drastically reducing the labour time dedicated to foundation forming
  • Reduction of the volume of materials used, such as gravel and concrete
  • It is possible to finish the surface of industrial-grade quarz floors immediately using blade type screed finishing tools


MODULO Formwork for Ventilated Foundations 2
MODULO Formwork for Ventilated Foundations 3
MODULO Formwork for Ventilated Foundations 4
MODULO Formwork for Ventilated Foundations 5
MODULO Formwork for Ventilated Foundations 6
MODULO Formwork for Ventilated Foundations 7

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