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EPAR 802 Fine Fairing Epoxy Glue For Concrete

EPAR 802 is a soft, smooth epoxy paste which is solventless and non shrink. EPAR 802 can be applied up to 5mm thick on vertical surfaces without slumping and can easily be feathered out or sanded. EPAR 802 bonds strongly to concrete, timber, metals and stone. Also available with a cold cure hardener for use from 0°C - 10°C.

The excellent gap filling adhesive properties of EPAR 802 make it suitable for a wide variety of applications including the following:
  • Laminating and jointing of fibrous cement sheet.
  • General concrete repair and levelling.
  • Production of exposed aggregate finish by bonding pebbles to a variety of surfaces.
  • Tile adhesive.
  • Smoothing and patching timber, concrete or metal surfaces prior to painting. Can be trowelled to a smooth finish.
  • Filling & smoothing screw holes in fibre cement sheets.

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