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Concrete Repairs

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MAPEGROUT T60 Concrete Repair Grout.

Sulphate resistant, fibre reinforced, shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortar for the repair of concrete.

MULTISTOP FINISHING Fine Finishing And Fairing Coat For All Concrete. 0-3mm, Sandable, Paintable, Strong.

0-3mm fine fairing and concrete finishing and paint prep. Good colour match to most concrete, easy to apply, sandable.

PSL TECSTOP RENDER High Build Reinforced Lightweight Plaster.

For flushing concrete block, brick, and concrete, filling large voids and straightening walls.

MULTISTOP BEDDING COMPOUND High Build Base Coat For Finishing

Joint bedding plaster. Rockcote MultiStop Bedding compound is a polymer modified thin section, cement based, skimming render which is considered non-sandable.

SIKA MONOTOP 412N Repair Mortar

High strength cementitious structural repair mortar.

SIKA MONOTOP 352N Repair Mortar

Light weight (high build) cementitious structural repair mortar.

BASF MasterEmaco N 5000 AP Concrete Repair Grout


BASF MasterEmaco N 5200CI Fast Set, High Build Repair Mortar

Universal, fast-setting, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, light weight repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition.

QUICK PATCH Fast Setting Base Layer Repair Mortar

2 -100mm bulk fill and patch.

CEMKEY CONCENTRATE Bonding Agent For Concrete Toppings

Bonding agent for screeds and renders.

LATEX CONCENTRATE Rubber Primer And Mortar Modifier

Polymer bonding agent, improves adhesion, flexibility, and workability of render.

SILICA SAND Finely Graded Silica

Epoxy Patch and Repair

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