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Transguard Concrete Slab Floor Protection

Temporarily protect concrete slabs from latent damage during construction and remediation projects with Transguard® concrete slab floor protection sheets. Damage to newly poured concrete or decorative colored floors caused by light construction traffic can be costly. Therefore, the ability of Transguard® to protect against light impact and liquid spills ensures concrete floors are safeguarded at a reasonable price.

Reef Industries provides two materials to protect exposed newly installed or renovated concrete floors from construction traffic, debris and stains.

Transguard® 2000 is a disposable, lighter weight material ideal for surfaces that will not experience an abundant amount of foot traffic. A roll of Transguard® 2000 measures 8’ x 200’ and weighs approximately 54 lbs.

Transguard® 4000 is a natural colored polypropylene non-woven fabric with a white polyethylene backing that can be used to protect the surface of your concrete during light construction projects. This product does not produce brown stains or affect the appearance of the concrete if it happens to get wet. Depending on your floor protection needs, Transguard® 4000 is available in rolls measuring 10'x150' and 20'x100'.


  • Easily handled
  • High tear resistance
  • Reusable
  • Weather proof
  • Allows for light traffic


  • Floor scratches and dings are minimized
  • Prevents scratches when moving equipment and furniture
  • Will not affect the appearance of the concrete


  • Natural colored polypropylene
  • Non-woven fabric will not mildew
  • White polyethylene coating applied to one side


  • Standard Weight = 42 lbs/1000 ft2 (20.5 kg/100m2)
  • Thickness = 50 mils (1.3 mm)
  • Puncture Strength = 65 lbf (289 N)

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