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Concrete Curing compounds

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A water based clear concrete curing compound that was developed to cure concrete as well as resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives.

Rockbond Liquid Curing Membrane

Membrane forming, degradable acrylic. ASTM C-309 compliant.

Slabcure Water Based Curing Compound

Low cost silicate curing aid.

ANTISOL A/E Acrylic or Wax Based Curing Compounds

Wax based curing compound.

FRACURE Degradable Resin Curing Compound

Concrete Curing Compound.

FRACURE Emulsion - Non Degradable Acrylic Curing Compound

FRACURE Wax Emulsion - Permanent Curing Coating

Transguard 2000 Single Use Concrete Slab Floor Protection

A disposable, lighter weight material ideal for surfaces that will not experience an abundant amount of foot traffic.

Transguard 4000 Reusable Concrete Slab Floor Protection

A natural colored polypropylene non-woven fabric with a white polyethylene backing that can be used to protect the surface of your concrete during light construction projects.

ER-921 Anti-Vap Concrete Finishing Aid

An active agent used to reduce the water evaporation rate from the surface of newly laid concrete.

EZI-ACTION® Drum Pumps

The most dependable manual dispensing system for bulk containers