Water Based Clear Concrete Curing Compound

E-Cure is a leading edge technology, clear concrete curing compound that was developed to cure concrete as well as resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives. E-Cure is a spray applied concrete cure, seal, hardener and dustproofer. E-Cure penetrates and forms a temporary membrane to cure, densify, harden and dustproof concrete essential for proper strength development.

E-Cure meets the moisture retention of ASTM C-309 on hard-troweled concrete surfaces.


  • Non-yellowing, does not alter natural color of concrete.
  • Non-flammable/VOC Compliant/odorless.
  • Will not inhibit adhesion of secondary coatings, topping, or adhesives designed for concrete.
  • Resists acids, oils, greases, salts and tire marks.


  • Curing, sealing, hardening and dustproofing concrete. Can be used to cure potable water structures.

Comparison with traditional systems:

CharacteristicsTraditional SystemsGeoplast Reusable Formwork
Hindrance-Modular system
ResistanceLimitedUp to 60 kN/m2
Concrete adherenceRequires dismantling agentsBeing made of plastics, GEOTUB PANEL does not stick to concrete
Protection10%The best protection for the columns until the end of the operations
PlumbingRequires long operations and it is often inaccurateQuick and accurate thanks to the external structure that allows easy shoring and plumbing
Dismantling agentsRequiredNot required. Everitt Site Supplies recommend 'Kleen Kote' protection and release formula to maintain your forms in top condition.