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Universal reusable plastic concrete forming wall formwork

GEOPANEL is an easy and intuitive system of modular plastic formworks, to build concrete walls, basements, foundations and pillars. Compared with the traditional timber- or steel-systems, Geopanel is handier, more cost effective and quicker to set up. The Geopanel system has panels of various sizes, fastened together by means of fast-lock nylon handles.

Thanks to the several possible panel combinations, and special internal- and external-corner elements, the wall thickness can be of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 cm.

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Who's Saving Costs by Using GEOPANEL Formwork?
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GEOPANEL formwork helps make quick work of balance tanks at The Otara Swimming Pool Complex

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GEOPANEL formwork helps make quick work of balance tanks at The Otara Swimming Pool Complex

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Otara Swimming Pool Complex, Auckland

Constructed by
Wallace Construction Ltd

Products used:
  • GEOPANEL wall formwork, intersections, and corners

GEOPANEL was used to form the walls of the balance tanks for the Otara Swimming Pool Complex.

Various tank sizes from 1500 x 2500 to 4000 x 6000 requiring many different form sizes, intersections, and corners. Easily achieved by the Geopanel and an experienced and capable crew at Wallace Construction.

Light and easy to handle, excellent for confined spaces and craneless building sites. Generally faster in many situations.

Grant Rouse - Site Supervisor
Wallace Construction Ltd

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Photos of GEOPANEL Wall Formwork in use


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Advantages of using GEOPANEL

    Each GEOPANEL weighs just 11 kg, and the system can be erected by a single person. Light and easy to assemble, the system uses fast-lock nylon handles that firmly join the forms with a simple 90 degree turn. GEOPANEL does not need any releasing agents nor any special treatment while assembling or during pouring.

    The outer side of the panels is ribbed to make posting and plumbing easiser. The panels have holes to fit standard off-the shelf tie-rods, same as used for the traditional steel panels.

    GEOPANEL can be completely disassembled and does not need to be stored in a dry environment.

    All elements are a standard 60 cm high and are 20, 25, 30, 40 or 120 cm long, without any need for cutting to length, thanks to the modularity of the system.

    The material can be easily disassembled and quickly handled within the construction site without having to use a crane thanks to its low weight and the fast-off handles.

    GEOPANEL is cost effective as it requires very little maintenance compared to the traditional systems, and it can be used up to 100 times when correctly washed and correctly used.

    Concrete surfaces poured with GEOPANEL can be left in sight without any further rework.
Brochures & Spec Sheets
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GEOPANEL catalogue
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Assembly Manual
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